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Nordic Federation of Young Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

NFYOG, Nordic Federation of Young Obstericians and Gynaecologists, was founded June 2000 at the venue of the 32nd Nordic Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Oslo.
The NFYOG board consists of 2 representatives from each of the Nordic countries. From the beginning in 2000 only Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway were represented, but from 2006 Iceland has also joined the NFYOG and is now represented with 2 board members. Boardmeetings are held approximately twice a year. NFYOGs expences are sponsored by NFOG with approximately 100 000 DK annually.

NFYOGs goal is to:
-promote cooperation between trainees in OB/GYN in the Nordic countries
-improve education within the OB/GYN speciality
-exchange experience between the Nordic countries in regard to specialist training inside OB/GYN
-organize a biannual congress on subjects of interest not covered in obligatory specialist training inside the field of OB/GYN
-organize a pre congress seminar before each NFOG congress.

Statues Minutes from Board meetings              2011 Status report
National Societies
  Gyn-Ob Trainee programme summary (udated 2013)
OGU (Sweden) Swedish trainee programme (old version, soon to be updated)
FYGO (Denmark) Danish trainee programme
FUGO (Norway) Norwegian trainee programme
EGO (Finland) Finnish trainee programme
Iceland Icelandic trainee program  
Further information on education and trainee programmes in Ob/Gyn in Europe can be found through the homepage of the European Network of Trainees of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ENTOG (
Members of the NFYOG board of 2014:

President: Elisabeth Rosén (SE)


Vice president: Fjóla Jónsdóttir, DK,
Treasurer: Malene Skorstensgaard, DK,
Webmaster: Thea Falkenberg Mikkelsen, NO, theafm@yahoo.noi
Lara Lehtoranta, FI,  
Linda Aukia, FI,
Anna-Karin Jacobsson, SE,
Malin Dögl, NO,
Eva Gudjónsdóttir, IS,
Hugrún Hörn Gudbergsdóttir

The treasurer holds a list of personal addresses, SWIFT and IBAN-numbers.
New members are kindly asked to forward these informations to the treasurer.

Previous Seminars:

Professor Mats Bränström
NFYOG-pre-congress : Copenhagen , june 15 2010,
“Transplantation of female genital organs”
As usual NFYOG has planned a pre-congress symposium for younger Nordic colleagues.
This year the topic is: “Transplantation of female genital organs” by Professor Mats Bränström

Autologous transplantation of cryopreseved ovarian tissue is today conducted at several centres to restore fertility after gonadotoxic cancer treatment. Research is conducted towards introduction of uterus transplantation as a treatment for absolute uterine factor infertility. It is quite likely that these novel non-vital, but quality-of-life-enhancing, types of transplantations will be part of the clinical choices in infertility treatment in the near future.
Third world challenges in obstetrics and gynaecology:ISSUES, FACTS AND PERSONAL EXPERIENCES

"Third world challenges in obstetrics and gynaecology:


Copenhagen, Denmark
12th - 13th June 2009

This years NFYOG seminar takes you trough issues that are of great importance in the third world, in which women health has not undergone the same improvement as in the industrialised countries. Certainly, doctors from industrialised countries make a difference when being there for longer or shorter periods. Of importance is that third world issues also are important to us - and a lot of things can be learnt from experiences from the third world. The 2009 NFYOG seminar aims at pointing attention to a wide array of problems and dilemmas in women health that are of importance in the third world and, in turn, for the future ob/gyn in industrialised countries - with a scandinavian twist.