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Status of applications for the NFOG Fund 2014

Dear NFOG members,

The NFOG Fund offers a unique opportunity for the Nordic members to apply for and receive support for different types of professional activities. The NFOG Fund supports the member activities very significantly, and all applications living up to the basic requirements stated on the NFOG website receive at least part of the sum applied for.

We support:

1. Clinical or scientific visits outside country of residence with the purpose of improving skills and/or developing and sharing expertise

2. Voluntary or project work in developing countries

3. Courses outside country of residence

4. Collaborative work regarding clinical or scientific topics or projects between members of the national societies in NFOG

5. Each national society can yearly apply for the coverage of expenses to bring one lecturer from another Nordic country to speak at the society's annual meeting

However, while most applications normally receive at least partial funding, this autumn only two thirds of the applications recieived funding. Hence, one third of all applications did not. A few applcations were rejected because the activities applied for had already taken place: Only future activities according to application deadlines or ongoing activities already supported by the NFOG Fund, will be considered for support.
However, most rejections were due to not following one or more of the few requirements listed:

  • The application and all included attachments must be in English
  • The NFOG Fund application form which can be found at , including applicant’s motivations and reasons for applying.
  • Short Curriculum Vitae (no more than two pages). In collaborative projects, short CV from the principal investigator of each participating Nordic country

  • Detailed budget.

  • Copy of course announcement or short description of project.

  • In collaborative projects, short description of the research / clinical project, including information on appropriate approvals. Total length up to five pages. Please include, if possible, names of all NFOG members.

  • In case of course or clinical visit: letter of recommendation from head of department.

  • In case of clinical visit or voluntary work: acceptance letter from head of department at the clinic where the visit is to take place or the organization responsible for the program.

  • Information on whether or not the applicant has applied for or received other grants for the same purpose, and how much.

  • Last but not least: Applications must be submitted as a single file (either pdf or Word, NOT Zip-file), with file named with applicant´s name to

And please, make sure you use the the most recent application form found on the website. The next deadline for the NFOG Fund is 1 March 2015.
So there is plenty of time to plan a visit or a course abroad and also enough time to prepare the application carefully following all of the rules and instructions provided. The Scientific Committee would like to warmly invite all members to take advantage of this potential support.


BUT do not leave it just to luck, please fill in the application carefully

On behalf of the NFOG Scientific Committee

Ulrik Schiøler Kesmodel Chairman

NFOG Fund: Special Enactment 
(to the statutes of NFOG)

updated December, 2014