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Nordic Ingemar Ingemarsson Memorial Symposium - FIGO Vancouver 2015

Nordic Ingemar Ingemarsson Memorial Symposium on Preterm Delivery – successful ! The NFOG Symposium in Vancouver turned out to be a great event. It was chaired by Knut Hordnes and Sven Montan , and following an Introduction about Ingemar by Knut Hordnes, there were 5 excellent talks on different aspects of preterm delivery. There was a full audience, and great interest.

The program was:

Introduction by NFOG President Knut Hordnes - see the slides here !
The Extremely Preterm Infant Study in Sweden - lessons to be learnt - Karel Marsal
An Overview of pharmacologic tocolysis - Ronald Lamont
Maternal obesity and preterm birth - Christina Vinter
Preterm birth and mode of delivery - Jan Stener Joergensen