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Clinical Guidelines and Nordic Collaboration 

The aim of  this NFOG initiative is to increase the availability, quality, and impact of clinical guidelines:
Step 1: Publish translations of existing national guidelines into English.
Step 2: Elaborate evidence-based common Nordic guidelines.
  • Below, you can find our collection of translated national Nordic guidelines
  • The national guidelines of the five Nordic countries are very different in extent and format. Some guidelines are evidence based, and some are not.
  • The national societies are presently recruiting participants for a guideline group on progesterone for prevention of preterm birth. You are encouraged to contact your national society if you want to contribute to this work.
  • Each time you publish a national guideline, mail your national representative listed in the guideline committee an abstract (or the entire guideline) in English
  • Suggest new NFOG evidence-based guidelines. 
Publication in international journals
  • Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica
  • Development of clinical guidelines usually involves the systematic review of available scientific literature as the background for practice recommendations. Some guidelines may thus be suitable for publication as review articles in scientific journals (usually after condensation and thorough revision). Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica (AOGS) will consider publication of such systematic reviews with clinical practice recommendations after a rigorous peer review process.
  • European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine
  • This journal has a section entitled “Guidelines and Consensus Statements” for publishing guidelines from various societies in Europe. The guidelines submitted for publishing must be recent, and a senior editor will peer review it and may ask for minor changes to clarify some points.  It is acknowledged that the guidelines have already undergone extensive revision within their own societies. Guidelines which are published in EJOG can be published at the same time by the respective society, and the published version can be linked to the online version. Please send a notice to the national member of the NFOG guideline committee if there is intention to submit a national clinical guideline to EJOG.

Niels Uldbjerg
Chaiman of the Guideline Committee



List of titles of National Guidelines in original languages

NFOG Guideline Comittee

Obstetric Year Grading of evidence  
Alcohol, smoking, and illegal substance/drug abuse during pregnancy 2014   Norway
Anaemia and iron deficiency in pregnancy and postpartum 2016 GRADE Denmark
Antenatal care 2014 Oxford (adapted) Norway
Antenatal corticosteroid treatment for lung maturation 2016 GRADE Denmark
Augmentation of labour 2014   Norway
Bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy and risk of spontaneous preterm delivery 2015 GRADE Denmark
Cancer in pregnancy 2015 Oxford Denmark
Cesarean delivery at term Technique, pre- and postoperative issues 2015 GRADE Denmark
Depression during pregnancy and lactation 2014   Norway
Door-step cardiotocography 2014 OxfordDenmark
Dystocia (Primiparous women with lack of progress) 2015 GRADE Denmark
Female genital mutilation 2014   Norway
Fetal sex determination by ultrasound 2015 peer reviewed Denmark
Gestational diabetes 2013   Finland
Group B streptococcus in pregnancy and delivery 2014 Oxford (adapted) Norway
Hyperemesis 2014 Oxford (adapted) Norway
Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and eclampsia 2014   Norway
Induktion av förlossning 2016 GRADE Sweden
Intrauterine growth restriction 2016   Norway
Medication use during pregnancy and lactation 2015   Norway
Monitoring of pregnancies at beyond 41+0 weeks of gestation 2015 Oxford Denmark
Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) for trisomy 13, 18 and 21 2016 GRADE Sweden
Nitric oxide sub partu: safety and efficacy 2015 peer reviewed Denmark
Operative vaginal delivery 2015 peer reviewed Denmark
Pelvic girdle pain 2014   Norway
Placenta 2014   Norway
Polyhydramnios in singleton pregnancies 2016 Oxford Denmark
Prenatal diagnostics 2014   Norway
Preterm birth 2011   Finland
Prevention of obstetric anal sphincter injuries 2015 Oxford Denmark
Small for Gestational age (SGA)
  Fetal Growth restriction (FGR)
  Intrauterine Growth Retardation (IUGR)
2014 Oxford Denmark
Single umbilical artery 2015 Oxford Denmark
STAN 2009   Finland
Thromboprophylaxis in IVF 2015 GRADE Sweden
Thyroid Disease in the Perinatal Period 2014 GRADE Sweden
Cervical cancer screening guidelines 2010   Finland
Contraception 2016   Finland
Ectopic pregnancy 2014   Finland
Emergency contraception 2010   Finland
Endometrial polyps 2015   Norway
Gynecologic Fistula 2017   Norway
Induced abortion 2013   Finland
Ovarian cancer 2012   Finland
Postmenopausal bleeding 2017   Norway
Postmenopausal bleeding 2013   Finl
Sexual dysfunctions 2017   Norway
Sexually transmitted infections 2010   Finland
Urinary incontinence 2011   Finland
Urinary incontinence 2016   Norway